Monday, November 7, 2011

Coach Wannabe to Future Coach

I was just discussing not too long ago about my interest in getting the RRCA coaching certification....lo and behold, this morning I receive an email and they will be offering the coaching class in my backyard next March! So, I signed up...looks like I will be an official RRCA Coach early next year!

Now, am I really qualified to utilize this title? Well, not yet. But by the time the course takes place, I will have two half marathons under my belt (as well as one 10K and one 15K), which makes me able to tell people that I'm really a runner :)

So, why do I want to do this? Sure, its kinda cool to have this certification...but I think its two-fold. First, I want to see how I can improve my own running. I've seen great improvements due to everything I've read and tried to incorporate, but I want to know how to do it right. I know it doesn't replace having a coach which can SEE what you are doing (unless someone videotapes me of course), but maybe I can help myself along significantly? I don't have a problem being my own guinea pig :) Besides, its cheaper to get this and work on what I learn from this experience than to pay a coach for a few months.

Second, I'm really taking on the "coach" role as part of our running club at work. While I can talk the talk to those that have no experience, I really would like to gain some confidence that I'm doing it right, you know? I certainly don't want to ruin the experience and guide them this would certainly allow me the opportunity to know I'm doing it properly.

So, I'm excited about the opportunity...but also a bit intimidated. Do I really belong there? Is it appropriate for me to take space in a class opposed to someone more qualified? Since technically anyone can register and get certified, I suppose I may be the minority but certainly not an oddity.

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