Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Knees please...

I have not run since my long run on Sunday. I really wanted to run to my daughter's softball game (and back) last night like I've done for the last several weeks....but I was still a bit tentative due to my knee pain. I'm pretty sure its bone, not muscle/ligament/tendon. I'm glad I didn't push myself...but I just had to get outside today.

So, I ran a tad...nothing significant...just with the Lunch Bunch crew, working on their C25K Week 6 Day 2. 2 miles in the books. Sure, its not much, but at least I don't have a big old goose egg for the week anymore.

Lets just hope I don't feel any issues! I plan on running Friday night, and then again at the 5K race Sunday. Pray to the knee gods for me, please?

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