Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dear Santa....

I've been really good this year, and my list isn't too long. Maybe you can help a girl out?
  • Knuckle Lights or Firefly for night running...afterall, Santa wants me to be safe, right?
  • Given Brand Arm Pocket...there are a few capris that have NO zipper...and this is much cheaper than a new pair of capris!
  • FitBit because I really want to make sure I eat enough, but still lose weight and get proper sleep...Santa wants me to be healthy, right?
  • Saucony Headband, because warm ears are important this time of year!
  • Houndstooth Running Skirt, because Santa wants me to be stylish!
  • Chocolate Run Love shirt, because my arms get chilly...and more importantly, I would look so cute in this!
  • Moji One, because none of my body parts should hurt after my half marathon next year.
  • Zenzah Compression Socks, because my half-marathon training plan these next few months require quick recovery, and they will feel oh so good on a plane/car when traveling for said races.

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