Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Running in the Dark

Well, I wrote about running in the cold and what gear is needed, but then I realized that running in the cold is typically done in the dark! Due to the time change that occurs next week, it will help out a tad, but still, before you know it...all running at home (except on the weekends) will probably be in the dark!

So, am I prepared? I did purchase a new jacket, the Brooks Nightlife jacket. I think its actually last year's model, which is fine with me. I teeter-tottered between the black with yellow and the yellow with black. I knew the yellow is bright! I usually would stuck with the black one (as I would use it for more than just running), but then after rethinking it...I have a ton of other jackets that are versatile with jeans and other apparel, but none that serves this purpose. I realized that the only reason I was ordering it would be to be seen in low light, so why risk not being guaranteed seen? So, I succumbed to the yellow. It is definitely bright and is a bit overhwhelming at first, but I'm comfortable with it now.

I purchased gloves on clearance awhile ago...Brooks Pulse Lite gloves. I actually had a chance to use these when I was running up in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago. Its the same yellow/black combo as the jacket. They were very comfortable and the yellow stripe is extemely visible in low light. Absolutely a great investment.

My RoadID/ShoeID also has some reflective stripe on it....its an extremely valuable safety piece to have, and while I wouldn't buy it just for the reflective stripe, every little bit helps!

I must say though, while scouring RoadID's site for the link above, I came across a new product of theirs: FireFly. This is a nice little product regardless of weather...would definitely be used in our house, as my husband often runs at night. In fact, I just put this on his christmas wish list for him :)

Sure, you can also cover your head with some type of reflective gear...hat or something, but I will stick with something that focuses on keeping my ears warm, as my hair covers my neck and head sufficiently for warmth but still allows breathability. There are also tons of options for capris/tights with reflective ability, but I think the above sure do work well. Its a little bit of an investment, but these items will last 10+ years! Seriously, how much wear and tear would a running jacket really get? And a ShoeID? Those things are indestructable! Think of them as investments in your personal safety...no less important than pepper spray if your running in a secluded area.

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