Friday, November 11, 2011

Schwaggle This!

Ok, I'm officially addicted to schwaggle, and my wallet hurts. Have you ever tried this site out? Its actually managed by, but they simply don't advertise it nearly enough! Schwaggle is a deal site, where they have some incredible offers on a regular basis. Some are location based (eg SF area), while others are online deals. Now, given that I live in a sleepy little beach community, there are rarely going to be deals in my area, so I focus on the national online deals. But, I have been able to try out Zenzah compression socks for a mere $25 (with free S&H), PR Bars, and a few other items that I simply couldn't justify trying before....afterall, this stuff is not cheap...and if you don't know if you will like something or not, you simply cannot afford to pay full price! But, for half off, you may be able to justify it. Now, they did just start the "tampa" deals, so maybe I'll actually be able to take advantage of some of these, since they are quite close to my office...hmmmm....this could be dangerous!


  1. I love schwaggle, especially saying the word out loud! I've only bought a few things but it is a great way to "try" out something new!

  2. i love the name as well....its up there "salsa" can someone NOT be happy just saying SALSA!


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