Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Long Weekend...Ready to pack on the miles!

I've been planning out my next few weeks for the half marathon training, and I do think I will take 10-14 days off of running for my knee to be 100%. I'd much rather do that early in the training than be faced with this dilemma 2-3 weeks prior to a big race! Now, one could say that putting in all these miles now will just worsen my knee. But, I do think it won't make it worse. Its consistent...always a bit of discomfort here and there for a few days after a run. But, it also always goes away after that. Its never so bad that I feel that its truly injured and needs major rest, but its there nonetheless. So, I'm considering a longer break, but I want to get my miles in before to somehow counter the break. So, I plan on putting in significant miles this week/weekend:

  • I ran last night.

  • I have a group run during lunch today.

  • I have the 5-mile turkey trot tomorrow morning.

  • I will run again Friday after work (I fully expect that we'll let everyone out early).

  • We are traveling to legoland Saturday, so I'll try to run after dinner there...fortunately the park closes at 6pm and we plan on just grabbing a rotisserie chicken from Publix for dinner, so while Joe preps that, I'll run.

  • Then, Sunday, I'm hoping for a longer run.

  • Monday is another group run during lunch...then I'll take a hiatus.

Total miles-wise, this will still put me behind my mileage goals, but I'll try to use the elliptical religiously while I'm taking the time off to keep in shape. I just need to listen to my body right now, as I don't want this pain to continue throughout the half marathon training. But, I guarantee that the miles will be done via the elliptical! Gotta dust that baby off now!

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