Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pray to the Running Gods...

I find myself really good at guiding others what to do when they take their first steps and try to run. I tell them the most important thing (and drill it in until they can repeat it), when you are new...never ever run back-to-back days. They get it...and when they do run back-to-back, its never more than 2 miles. I find that I'm successful in that regards.

However, for myself, I often find myself forcing myself to run cautiously...reminding myself to pray to the running gods. After that initial stress fracture when I first attempted to run, I have had no injuries....a sore knee on a few occassions, but thats it. Not even a blister has come my way!

And yet, I'm planning on foregoing this "safe" practice next Sunday. I want to run that entire 11 miles with the club. I think i can do it. But, is it safe? No. Is it significantly more miles than I have ever run at one time? Yes. You know that 10% rule for runners....I'm so pushing that off of a cliff. Even if I chose only to do the 9 mile run, its still a lot more than I ever have done.

Yes, to the running gods, I will pray....please let me pain-free after next Sunday's run.

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