Friday, November 18, 2011

Frostbite in Florida

I know I have sensitive skin...this is no surprise. But, I had the ice pack on my knee for an entire 20 minutes...and now have three areas of frostbite. Argh. I hate this. Its happened before and usually takes a full 24 hours to dissipate, so I'm glad that I'll be wearing pants tomorrow.

Suppose I should remember to put something between the gel pack and my skin, but the ice knee pack simply isn't designed that way. Am I really the only runner out there with such sensitive skin?


  1. Oh no - anyone who applies an ice pack directly on skin will get frostbite...that's why you need to have a layer between the ice pack and skin. I'm sorry you got frostbite. :-/

  2. Hi, got here from Lala Mama's blog. Always wrap the gel, or frozen veggies in a towel or something.

    I read back a couple blogs and noted you are talking about knee ache. This is something you want to be cautious about. Knees only take so much drama. Are you also doing some strength/core/yoga/stretching stuff? I don't mean going into a gym and pounding weights; that's boring. I mean things like squats, and twists, and plank, and stuff like that. There are some specific exercises to build strength in the muscles around the knee. All that should help with the ache. But if it continues, get it checked out. If you're in Calgary, I know a great guy for knees.

  3. Actually, I've even had frostbite from an ice pack using a dish towel between me and the ice! yeah...just sensitive skin to this stuff, but at least i heal quickly! its about 40% gone by this maybe by tomorrow morning it wont be visible anymore. we shall see.

    As for my knee...its not muscle unfortunately. i've seen the specialist in the area (same one that is on call for IMG academies, so he is definitely the best in the area), and its bone :( Just need to stay off it for a few days at any sign of any discomfort. It does come and go every month for a day here and there, but has definitely gotten better in the last few months.


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