Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chia Seeds for Runners!

Ok, I've read a lot about these lately....but what are they all about?

Aztecs survived for days purely on chia. How can that be? Well, they are filled with omega-3 fatty acids (higher than flax seed!), filled with protein, fiber and antioxidants (and tons of other healthy stuff). They are also gluten-free and their slight nutty flavor incorporates nicely in baked foods or yogurts, salads and smoothies. They also store in the fridge/cupbaord for months, as they are no where nearly as rancid-prone compared to the alternatives.

Daily use? Sure! 1-2 tablespoons before a workout can provide you with enough energy for up to 90 minutes! And yet, your stomach isn't bloated since its easily absorbed into your body.

Also, if you soak them first for 15 minutes, the gel that forms illustrates the soluble fiber. This same process occurs inside your stomach as well. This gel (in your stomach) creates a barrier between carbs and their enzymes...which essentially slows the conversion of carbs into sugar. So, less sugar crashes while exercising, and increases endurance! It also absorbs more than 12 times their weight in water...therefore reducing the potential for dehydration.

Now, this is definitely on my list of things to fact, I just ordered some using the vitacost code today! I'll provide a synopsis once I've tried my experiment (and received my vitamix!).

For more information, you may want to check Run Faster Mommy for her related blog post!


  1. Chia seeds are great! I have been tossing a tablespoon in my morning smoothies, but if I am going for an afternoon run, I'll toss some in a small container of applesauce at lunch. I have totally noticed the difference in my energy.
    I have the Bob's Red Mill brand, which I was lucky enough to find at the supermarket.

  2. Oh great! I'm glad there was someone out there with personal experience....just positive comments all around. I can't wait to try them!


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