Thursday, February 23, 2012

Expo Shopping

What are the items you buy at expos? Is there something you always look for (eg headband or visor to commemorate the run)? Or, do you always get something with the run's logo on it? Or, do you avoid the expos at all cost?

I would think that something little would be nice to collect for each big race, but honestly, each race's expo is so unique!
  • The St Pete Beach Classic was more akin to a discount running store with a variety of deeply-discounted merchandise, no flash, but all worthy items.
  • The Women's Running, on the other hand, I was compelled to purchase three sweatybands headbands. Strangely, they were all polka dots. Seriously, there are like 400 different styles, and I chose all polka dots? Not sure what was up in my head that day.
  • The RNR St Pete...I went there with every intention of checking things out...and only ended up buying some glow-in-the-dark flashy silicon rings (which double as ponytail holders) for the Princess Half. Since we are up at 3am in the dark...thought it would be perfect to glow a little (pre-sweat) as much as glow a lot after.
  • The Princess is a few days away...In fact, I'll be browsing the expo Saturday morning. I need to get something special, but its simply so hard when you don't need anything! I'm surely a gadget geek...accessory geek...and everything in between. I say that now, of course, but maybe I'll find something compelling!

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