Saturday, February 25, 2012

Disney Princess Half Marathon 2012 - Expo & Kids Race

We were only going to visit one time, so we decided that we needed to get there early! 8:30am, we were parked in the lot...which was fine, sine there was no delay getting there this early. We walked the walk up towards the main entrance to the complex and it was busy! Lots of other activities games, dance competitions, etc. We walked down the long stairs (towards the kids races) and stood in line for the packet pickup line. We waited until exactly 9am, which the line began to move. We saw a photo op with the carriage and attendants, but decided to wait until we had more time....we were on a mission after all!

The packet pickup line was really long by the time 9am rolled around, but we were glad we were maybe 50th in line. When we got to the pickup line, we dispersed...Joe went to get the kids packets and I went to the booth based on my number. Three people ahead of me and it seemed to take forever. My running partner grabbed her basics yesterday, so she went straight to running relations booth for a corral change. Shockingly, she got into the A corral. Since we were both submitting identical 10k times, I immediately went straight from my bib pickup to the same person and also got into the A corral. We were excited!

We then headed towards Jostens center for the expo. You enter on the top floor and look down...its quite a sight!

We were glitterized by assistants from the Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique and then made our way to the stairs down to the expo.

All the way towards the end is where you collect your shirt/bag. Shirts weren't bad...basic dri-fit white with a simple logo for the race. I like them, at least :)

Making our way around the expo was like corraling cats! Three adults and three would think this would have been easier! The girls were thrilled about all the girlie stuff, but my son wanted nothing to do with most of it. We spent some change and then made our way towards the kids races.

As expected, they started with at least 5 waves of the 100 meter run for 2-3 year olds. I took a few pics from the starting line at the 200 meter where my kids were, and then headed towards the finish line. The one thing about the kids way one parent can handle this for one child. But, at least we managed to handle it. There is my little Tinkerbell running...she was a bit saddened by the boo boo knee incident that happened earlier when we were at the expo line, but she ran like a trooper!

All the kids did great though...but I must say that they were tuckered out. Actually, its 6pm now and I am sooo ready to crash! We do need to get up before 3am after all, so I'm calling it a night. Think good thoughts for this princess!

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