Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Tally of Races To Come

So, I have several planned months out....crazy, I know. But, I suppose if I continue to have a goal, I will be more focused to keep up during the hot humid summer months when you have to run at 3am for a chance to run under 80 degrees!

So, whats on the plate thus far? I've registered for:

  • Women's Running Half 2012 (November) $75 ouch!

  • ING Miami Half 2013 (January) $52

  • Rock n Roll St Pete Half 2013 (February) $65

I'm pretty sure I will register for these as well:

  • Tinkerbell Half 2013 (January)

  • Princess Half 2013 (February)

  • Gasparilla Half 2013 (March)

  • Sarasota Half 2013 (March)

  • Irongirl Half 2013 (April)

There are also a few 5k, 4M and 5M races I know I will do annually:

  • Canes Classic 5k (the best local event) - Memorial Day

  • Robinson Preserve 5k (my first running route!) - April

  • Boo Run 5K (best entertainment for the kids) - October

  • BRC Manatee River Run 5M (my club's fundraiser) - New Years Eve

  • BRC Turkey Trot 5M (the best free event) - Thanksgiving

  • University Park Cross Country 4-Miler (the best food spread afterwards) - September

  • Ringling Bridge 4-Mile Run (the best view and family event) - January

Not sure if these will be annual events:

  • Jingle Bell Run 5k (was insanely crowded...but they should be back in their old location next year)

  • Creaky Bones 5K (poor route and I had to compete against dogs, but maybe the Sarasota run in the same series is better)

  • Sarasota Springfest 12K (we'll see....I'm running this for the first time this spring)

Now, that being said, I know the key is to REGISTER EARLY! For example, the RNR St Pete, if registering at the expo, is $125. Now, only a few crazy people will pay this much, but most paid $80-115. I registered super early so it was only $65. Same with the ING Miami Half...$52....this will be my first "traveling" race (I don't count Disney as those are justified as family trips), but for $52, its doable and still only a 4-hour drive.

Now, of course, let me survive tomorrow so I can conquer these ambitious plans!

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