Sunday, February 26, 2012

Post-Race Blues

You know've focused on one specific race for such a long time...and then the moment its gone, what do you do? Well, you focus on the next race scheduled...and if its not scheduled, you schedule one!

I have two upcoming races....first is the Gasparilla 15k (truth be told, once I saw the medal for the half marathon, I really wanted to do that race!) and the Sarasota Half Marathon. Next two weekends...I'm gonna be busy!

If I have nothing on the calendar, what do I have to strive for? I know I need incentive, and thats exactly the reason that I schedule races early on...when they are cheaper, of course...but more importantly so I can see a long-term plan ahead of me which puts running on the focus, rather than a temporary endeavor. I need to rethink my thinking. I've never been athletic, but focusing on some long-term goals, ones that I have already committed myself to, makes them real and doable and committed to.

So, the princess is in the lets move on to the Gasparilla and the Sarasota! Bring it!

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