Thursday, February 23, 2012

I wish....

  • I wish I could run up and down the Green Bridge during those weekly BRC running club runs on Tuesday night feeling confident enough to talk the entire way up and down. I'm getting there, but not there quite yet.

  • I wish the thought of the Sunday long runs on Anna Maria Island still didn't scare me. The 9 mile option is doable at this point, but that 11 mile option is still a bit scary to me, even though I've done a half already!

  • I wish my life wasn't so crazy right now. Between Joe and tax season, the kids activities, the kitchen fire which has left us eating out for every single dinner....there simply isn't enough time for simple downtime.

  • I wish I was more excited for the upcoming races. I'm still scared of them. I know when the time comes to toe the line, I'll be there and not feel so scared...but just thinking of them intimidates me.

  • I wish I had my morning breakfast shakes instead of consuming all this hidden-ingredient food so that the 7 pounds I've gained since this fire occurred were gone!

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