Monday, February 20, 2012

I Miss My Shakeology

Seriously, this weight gain has gotta stop. We have no appliances, we have no kitchen...but something has to change. This kitchen fire has been completely disruptive...and we need to take control of something! Both Joe and I have gained 7 pounds in 5 weeks. Seriously! Now, I know that there is some water weight in there, but eating out is causing some inches here.

My big issue with stopping the morning breakfast shakes is obviously the fact that our margaritaville maker was deemed non-salvageble (insurance speak for "melted" by flames). Well, did I want to buy another one or move to something else? I've been very interested in a vitamix....but couldn't justify the cost. They are pricey! And besides, I needed to research the other leading brand, the Blendtec. I finally decided on the vitamix if I could eliminate the purchase of 3 things. First, I wouldn't need a margaritaville maker anymore. Second, I wouldn't really need a food processor anymore. Third, I wouldn't need an immersion blender anymore. That saved me $500 in purchases. Now, the Vitamix is more...I ordered the stainless steel option, which was pricier, but even with the free shipping code I found, it still set me back $744. Now, that does include the 3 blender containers....tall 64oz one, short 32oz one and the grains blender. But, I still am having sticker shock even though the online receipt is staring me in the face (yes, I still have it up on a different tab in my browser).

So, did I do the right thing? Well, I know I would certainly have ordered a new food processor and new margaritaville maker. I probably could have foregone the replacement immersion blender. So, I suppose it more than half justified. But, I love the fact that I have been able to reclaim some counterspace as a result!

My shakes are going to be fabulous now! They were good before, but now...even better. I even ordered the tropical strawberry shakeology (new flavor) so we will really enjoy these. Now, I just need to wait 8-15 days for the new vitamix to arrive. That will be a LONG wait, especially since I know that I need to change my eating habits NOW!

Once I get it, I promise a decent review :)


  1. I have heard so many amazing things about the vitamix! I have only just started one doing a meal replacement a day with a smoothie, so I don't think I have "earned" the right to own one, but I can't wait to hear how awesome yours is. Also - read about the Shakeology products, and they sound great, but is there any kind of starter package that is not so costly?

    1. It is a great drink. I love the fact that it has fruits/vegetables in it, is a meal replacement drink, is a vitamin replacement and a protein drink all in one. And, its only about 150 calories/serving (if you don't add anything to it). Its all natural with no artificial anything, and is still pretty low on the glycemic index. I typically add some almond milk and some PB2 to the chocolate flavor. I did just order the strawberry flavor (vegan) and that should arrive this week...I've heard only positive things about this flavor!

      I know the price point is scary for some, but I am now ordering 1 chocolate and 1 strawberry every month. If its auto-ship, there is no shipping cost (and of course you can cancel at any time with a simple email). I pay about $89 each for the chocolate (strawberry is slightly more), because I'm a "coach" (and the "coach" benefit just costs $15). So, you can see that becoming a coach is worthwhile for the discount alone if you want shakeology.

      There are also two package options. One is a bag that covers 30 servings, and one is a bag that has 24 serving sized portions individually packaged. I go for the big bag, simply because it makes economic sense.

      So, $89 + $96 + $15 = $200 ....thats a breakfast for me and Joe every day for a month, so it works out to about $3/meal. We occassionally will use one for dinner instead if we had a big lunch (and the kids deserve a special McD visit that evening).

      That being said, if you have 2-3 servings and it simply isn't right for you, they will give you your money back. So, there is no risk involved. That being said, I would not order the greenberry...its fine mixed with other things, but I don't want to hide the flavors of anything...and some people dislike it, while others think its just ok.

      Here is the ingredient sheet for the strawberry flavor, which was just released:

      Let me know if you have any additional questions.


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