Monday, February 6, 2012


So, I am still nervous about next weekend, and I thought I had to get out for a long run this weekend. Alas, my husband was in a baseball tournament, so that proved quite difficult. Saturday was a no go because of it, but we arranged some short-term child care Sunday were dropped off by Joe right before the tournament began and then picked up by me right after my run. Thankful that we have some helpful adults that live nearby! We are often stuck 100% of the time as a result of these situations simply because we do not have relatives around...but when there is a will, you find a way.

I went out Sunday morning, intending to do a long run even though I lacked the energy for it. The first 4.5 miles was fine....averaged 10:10. However, I was feeling a bit drained so just thought that I would run back. The first 2.5 miles back, I was doing ok but then I felt that "asthma" type feeling. Finally, I know I need to see someone due to my sinus infection. It hasn't really bothered me at all, but hey, 8 weeks of congestion is definitely affecting me! So, tomorrow I will visit someone and get a script. Other than the breathing, I wasn't really motivated but knew I could have done the entire 11 while the run wasn't spectacular by any means, I think I'm ready for Sunday!


  1. Found your blog through fb. Looking forward to keeping up with your accomplishments via your blog! Best of luck on your half!!


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