Thursday, February 16, 2012

Princess Corrals

So, unofficially of course, the corrals are based on your bibs:

Corral-Individuals Bib Range; Team Bib Range

Corral A 31-2250; 20001-20313
Corral B 2251-4500; 20314-20634
Corral C 4501-6750; 20635-21017
Corral D 6751-9000; 21018-21373
Corral E 9001-11250; 21374-21777
Corral F 11251-13500; 21778-22159
Corral G 13501-15750; 22160-22617
Corral H 15751-18000; 22618-23000

My bib is 5XXX (I'm not hiding it from you...I'm just too lazy to walk over to my desk and find it...laptops are nice on laps too!) it looks like I will be in Corral C....I'm still hoping to be bumped up to Corral B when I show my 10K time from January.

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