Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Unintended Taper

Our company is acquiring another company. Man oh man, there is a lot of last minute, urgent things to do! This ensured that I was late coming home yesterday, so no Tuesday night bridge run for me. Then, today I worked through no group lunch bunch run for me. Definitely an unanticipated taper!

Friday lunch is out of the question (expo), so I must try to run a tad tomorrow....even if its just a 5k. I may also try to do a 5K saturday morning, if time permits. We have a big day planned, and I may need to sleep in. Kids have a tennis lesson, then we have the circus in the afternoon.

So, I suppose if I can get in a 5k tomorrow and Saturday morning, I will feel ok. Don't get me wrong, I'm still very nervous about Sunday. While I think I will rise to the occasion, I'm not positive. I suppose I need to get to the expo and commit to the pace group....then we will see how I feel about the whole thing. My nerves will still be there, but maybe they will be an assistance, instead of a hindrance!

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