Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Princess in Waiting

The Princess Half Marathon is 10 days away. How can that be? Back in June, after I tried this whole "running" thing, I read about it and this truly was the impetus for me continuing. One of the main reasons for me running was to give my daughter the upbringing I somewhat wished I had...that exercise and being active are really important and that everyone should be physically fit. Exercise and activity should be the norm, rather than the exception in this country for adults. After all, how can we expect our kids to be active if we are not!

Granted, it takes a lot more effort these days for kids to stay active. We can't simply let them out the front door and expect them back by dusk. How many of us grew up like that? I remember we would disappear somewhere in the neighborhood, but they knew we were safe playing nearby. And, in addition to all of this physical activity, gym in school was mandatory and you had to sweat! Its simply not the same. So, we have activity after activity to schedule and pay for.

So, I decided to try this whole "running" thing for her. The princess was something I knew she would be excited about (she is 6 after all). And if I kept her interested in the thought of me running the princess, I couldn't back down, right? Really, I chose this race because I didn't want to let her down....interesting logic there, isn't it? I put myself in a position that if I failed, I would disappoint my own I had to make sure I didn't fail!

Well, here we are a good 9 months later. I've done a half, but didn't run the entire way...but man, I was so close! The Princess shouldn't be quite so hard. After all, nobody runs for PRs, and seriously, is it really possible that this could be harder than the RNR Half if you stop occassionally for photo ops? :) So, I'm ready. My foot is on the mend...and I'm getting excited.

I still haven't fully selected my outfit. I'm thinking white leg sleeves, white skort. I'm considering pigtails with glow in the dark hair bands (after all the race does start in the dark!). I also plan on borrowing my daughters thin metal pink headband that has an itty bitty tiara on top. I thought this was perfect since it won't sway on my head, but still isn't so stiff that it would give me a headache.

Now, I think I'm opting against a tutu...but this could change. Maybe a cheap one from the dollar store so its not all fluffy and bothering my arms when I run. But, I also need to find a proper shirt to wear! Its a good thing that I have two $100 groupons to a running store that expire this month....although I don't need a thing, I may just have to buy something frivolous!

So, here I am, waiting for my foot to heal (the plan is to try to run 2-3 miles on Friday during lunch), and planning my store purchase...but more importantly, finalizing my outfit :)

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