Thursday, February 2, 2012

What will Summer bring?

Here I am, 10 days away from my first half-marathon. Here I am with a butt-load of halg long distance events in the next 3 months. And, here I am wondering what I am going to do between the Iron Girl Half in April and the Canes Classic 5K in September. Crazy, isn't it? As much as I'm overwhelmed with everything going on right now, I'm anxious to have something on the plate during that time period so I continue to find motivation to run!


  1. Hey congrats on your pursuits! Running is such a great way to get active and look your bet. Here is my own running blog: Cheers!

  2. Thanks Chad...I actually have checked your blog out on occassion!

  3. Summers in Florida stink - there are never events scheduled because it's so freakin' hot and running even at 5:00 am is already in the low 80's. I just slog through it to get to October and start back up again. You're doing the right thing trying to get as many into this gorgeous spring as possible!

    Good luck Sunday - might see you there!

  4. Thanks! I guess I'll just try to thrive in the next 2 months.....take a hiatus and focus on some weight loss (as I simply cant lose weight while training now) and then wait until October :) You are so right!


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