Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another Notice!

Ok, this one surprised me. I was driving my SUV which Joe, my husband, had been driving for a few months....therefore, his prior office landlord (and friend) recognized the car. I was driving home past his old office, and apparently David (said landlord) saw me in the SUV. He mentioned to Joe today that I looked great...that he could tell that my face/neck/shoulders looked thinner. I scoffed when I heard this. Really, how would one notice while I'm driving about my weight loss? I didn't think it was that noticeable that someone else that was driving near me (or walking for that matter) would be able to see so quickly!

Either that or he simply doesn't pay attention to the road :) Either way, it was nice to hear. When things like this happen, I just have to remind myself that the fat is coming off...just don't base everything on that darn scale. I must say, after my annoyance this morning with my diet, the fact that I got two nice compliments today sure does help put that into perspective.

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