Friday, October 14, 2011

Hawaii Trails

Love it was perfect. And, running with my husband is great! Shocked (but understandable) that we've never been able to run together before :)

Our resort is at the far north end of the Ka'anapali shores at Kahekili Beach (on the map to the right, its last resort on the left). There is a boardwalk (for lack of a better term) stretching from this resort all the way down to the southern end of Ka'anapali area, which is near Hanakao Beach Park. Its truly not a "boardwalk" but part of it was rather a shelled path about the width of two people. And the other part was a wooden path, but still not elevated at all, which is what often comes to mind when the term "boardwalk" is used. Perfect for running, but definitely an early morning thing before the crowds come out! By 8am, people were strolling with their lattes and unaware of trail etiquette :)

I definitely suggest that people run when they are on vacation. Not only does it discount that extra delicious food that one always partakes in, but the world is so different at 6 miles/hour that you miss so much of a new surrounding when you are in a car all of the time! It was truly gorgeous...and the breeze was amazing...and the fact that I know I have more running endurance than my husband was just nice to boot!

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