Monday, October 24, 2011

A New Beginning

Its been such a crazy month already. First, the trip to Orlando with the kids (just a quick trip, but a trip nonetheless). Then, Joe and my trip to Hawaii for a wedding. Then, the sudden trip to Pennsylvania for Joe's father's funeral....that was busy. Joe flew up last Monday, and I followed with my two kids plus my stepdaughter Thursday, and we just got back yesterday.

But, all this chaos, and especially a death in the family, helps place health and fitness as a primary goal of ours. Joe is now down to 205 so he wants to lose another 5 pounds, and that will certainly happen before Christmas. He's 6'3" so 200 pounds is perfectly fine for him. But then again, maybe he'll change his goal to 195 soon thereafter :) I remember him at his high of 225 and while I noticed the little belly, I didn't really think it was bad. Its amazing how different your perspective can change in a few years, isn't it? He simply looks fit now. And, he's running better now as well. He's started playing baseball again, but hasn't pitched again yet (but we know he should asap to diminish the scar tissue buildup after his shoulder surgery earlier this year), and he's back to playing basketball once a week.

So, where is my new beginning? Still my weight, but with an added umph as of late. I've been plateauing now for awhile, but its time to kick it into high gear. Dieting is always so hard, but at least once you lose some weight, its pretty easy to maintain it! Honestly, with three trips this month and tons of food, I haven't really gained anything, so I know I'm doing something right. The problem with me takes a serious effort to lose weight. It takes constant focus, constant exercise and constant food watching. But, I know I need to do it. If nothing else, Papa's death is a reminder that health should be valued and constantly sought.

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