Sunday, October 16, 2011

KettleWorx Cardio - Week 1

So, today I start this little program...very doable. 25 minutes, 3 times a week. Only expense was the video (via Netflix home delivery) + $27 15lb CAP Kettlebell.

The video is actually snippets from a variety of separate exercises. So each set/rep has a different cast of characters. I've only attempted the video once, but I do wish they better utilized the features of a video format (eg countdown timer). I think I should have started with a 10 lb kettlebell as well. It was hard, and I suppose we'll see if my muscles ache tomorrow!

So, I will try to do this three mornings every week for 6 weeks. Should be quite easy to squeeze it in since its only 1 hour/week. Also, its a separate video each week, so you only repeat a routine max 3 times, assuming you felt confident enough to move on to the next week's!

I'll update everyone next week on my progress!

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