Friday, October 14, 2011

Slim in 6 - Week 4.5

So, Week 4 didn't go as planned. As you recall, Week 1 was the "Start it Up" video. Week 2-3 was the "Ramp it Up" but I wanted to continue the "Ramp it Up" while I was on vacation. We simply didn't have the time! Between the required appearances at required times (we were there for a wedding there was a luau on Saturday, a reception on Sunday, the wedding on Monday and a brunch on Tuesday), we hardly had time to see all the sights! We did manage to do some beautiful hiking and drove a lot...saw almost every corner of Maui! But alas, something had to give...and it was "Slim in 6".

So, I'm 5 days behind...I just got back from Hawaii yesterday, so I will do the "Ramp it Up" tonight and see how I feel. I swear I really did work out in Hawaii though. Between some running, some hiking and a lot of dancing (which my calves were sore for 2 days, so you know there was some serious aerobic jumping there), I felt pretty active. I'll probably do the "Ramp it Up" tonight and tomorrow, and then Sunday move to "Burn it Up" and continue that for 2 weeks. I did get the "Keep it Up" video as well (part of the package), so I may try that afterwards.

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