Saturday, October 1, 2011

Disney Kids Races

After the 5k race, we went back to the hotel room to clean up, rest and eat some breakfast. We then ventured to the ESPN Wide World of Sports for the kids races. We were there yesterday to pick up the runner packets and visit the expo, so at least we knew the terrain. Still, Joe dropped us off at the front around 9am, and went to park. This is always a good thing since Zoran is soooo slow! We walked quite a distance to get to the HP Field House and the track right behind it. At Zoran's pace, Joe was able to catch up to us without running :)

We get there and get our bearings, and see where the yellow flag is. The kids have yellow bibs, which match the starting place (eg green bib, go to the green flag). The 4-6 year olds seemed to be the largest field. Other events included the diaper dash for those under 1, the 1-3 year olds and then the 7-8 year olds.

Diaper Dash: 10 feet to finish line
1-3 year olds: 100 meters
4-6 year olds: 200 meters
7-8 year olds: 400 meters

Since the races didn't start until 10am, there was on-field entertainment. This included two girls in stilts, a "referee" MC and various other people on stage. Tons of music, tons of getting energized, tons of stretching and dancing...while the kids were tired from the walk, I'm glad we got to the field so early so they could just chill and relax awhile before they ran. Think this was the mistake at their last run because we got to the kids races right when they were starting....they were simply exhausted just getting there!

The diaper dash was at 10am, then they moved to the 1-3 year old group. There were 3 waves of these runners, so the first wave of the 4-6 year olds probably didn't kick off until 10:15 or so. So, Ella and Zoran probably didn't run until 10:20! That was a long wait for these kids to be standing (and then sitting on the track).

I think the 4-6 year old field was by far the largest group, so they were broken up into "waves" with each wave having around 100 runners. Ella and Zoran were in the 2nd wave, which is what I would have preferred, since they were then in the first row and perfect for pictures :)

They were both timid of the starting line and both grabbed Daddy's hands and said that they wanted to run holding his hand the whole way. But the moment the starting sound was heard, Ella forgot all about her fears and run! The little competitor! I think she actually finished before some of the first wave finished :) She wasn't one of the first, but then again some of the 6 year olds definitely appeared old and tall!

The kids ran the whole way and never once slowed to a walk. Both were exhausted and very thrilled with their medals at the end!

All in all, the volunteers and the staff were great. Not sure what else I would suggest to improve!

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