Tuesday, October 11, 2011

KettleWorx Cardio - The Beginning

So, when I get back from Hawaii, I want to start this. I can definitely do this in addition to what I'm doing now (running + Slim in 6). Basically, its a 6-week effort and its only 3 days/week and its only 20 minutes/session. I know some people may rewind and do the 20 minutes twice for a true workout, but since this is supplemental, I think the 20 minutes is more than ok. I plan on doing this in the morning. Again, 20 minutes? I surely can handle that! I can surely find a way to squeeze this into the rhythm of the household!

Each week is a different video, so if you just stick to 20 minutes, you are going to view each video only three times...not much chance for boredom here, right? I like that! Cuz, while I do think the Slim in 6 is working nicely for me, I've been watching the same 57 minute video every day for almost 2 weeks already....so I will appreciate the variety!

So, I have the videos....and I ordered the CAP 15 lb Kettlebell. And man oh man, that thing is solid! Its small, which makes it less intrusive, but it is a serious weight. I suppose I didn't expect this, since its less weight than you are supposed to start with. No way could I start this with 20 lbs. Also, no way that someone who hasn't done any strength training could do this with 15 lbs! I would think someone who has never done anything could start with 5-8 lb kettlebells max. So, I know there will be some delayed muscle soreness that I will have to deal with, but hey, how bad could it be if its just 20 minutes?

As always, I'll provide a weekly update on the effort (the video as well as how effective kettlebells are) and maybe, just maybe you will want to give it a go :)

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