Friday, October 7, 2011

Hawaii here we come!

Grandparents are visiting from Kentucky and are going to spoil the kids for the next several days while Joe and I fly to Hawaii. Saturday will be an entire day of traveling, and then once we arrive and get situated, we are going straight to a pre-wedding luau (this is in lieu of a rehearsal dinner). So, no exercise on Saturday for me! Suppose that will be my "rest" day.

But, I do plan on keeping up as much of my exercise routine as I can while we are there! I won't be bringing my yoga mat, but my running shoes and resistance bands will be packed! I finally get to run WITH my husband. We've never done this before, since we've always had to balance the running with the kids. I'm excited for this though. Hopefully we will fall into sync quite nicely. He's much taller than me, but I think my cadence is faster than we shall meet somewhere in the middle :)

I also hope to continue the "Slim in 6" while we are there. I'll take the video with me, and should have more than enough space in our unit. Between the luau, the wedding and the after-wedding brunch, we will be busy. And, we also want to check out Hana, which is the other side of the island. We won't be there too fact, its too short of a trip really, but didn't really have an option as my parents had to fly back a week after they got here. So, busy? Bring it!

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