Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Life just gets in the way....

...and sometimes you just need to be flexible. Tons of things going on. Shockingly, I haven't even unpacked from our trip to Hawaii, and now we have to fly up to Pennsylvania. Too much stress right now. Joe actually flew up yesterday, so I'll fly up with the kids on Thursday for their grandfather's funeral. Its solemn, and they are handling it ok, I suppose. My 5-year old daughter is being a trooper...and I'm glad that she experienced the death of her dog (last month) before the death of a person. As for my son, he's just at that age that I think he might understand, but his emotions are unclear to him. He's acting out a bit, simply because he knows its something serious and sad, but angry as well. Typical 4 year old reaction, so I need to be there for him and not talk, but just be.

So, everything is being put on hold....KettleWorx will be slightly delayed, but I should be able to catch up by doing the exercises every other day (rather than 3 days/week), but "Slim in 6" will have to wait until I get back home. So, I basically did 3 weeks of the program, and will have taken a total of 2 weeks off....so when I get back Sunday, I'll attempt the "Ramp it Up" again and see how that goes.

Fortunately, the organizers of the Creaky Bones 5K Sarasota allowed me to change our submission to the Creaky Bones 5K St Petersburg. That was kind of them...I'm not sure if we will have the energy for this next week, but at least we now have a choice. And, if it gives the kids something to look forward to, even better!

I'm just bringing the necessities via carry-on, but that will include my running shoes. If nothing else, getting out for a run will allow me some breathing space while we are up north, and since there will be so many people in such cramped quarters (not much playing outside I'm sure since I have Florida kids...it will be freezing to them) so getting outside will be a nice stress reliever....or so I hope.

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