Sunday, October 9, 2011

Slim in 6 - Week 4

Finished week 3. I feel pretty comfortable with this video now. Its still a workout, no doubt about that, but since I am on vacation right now, I really don't want to deal with any muscle soreness, so I will not be moving on to the "Burn it Up" video until I return home later this week.
The "tricep" part of the upper body warm up is still hard, but doable. Its just so early in the video so when its so hard, I feel a tad demoralized...but that goes away quickly. The lower body exercises around minute 30 are still hard but doable. The crunches/ab work are still hard, but doable. Yes, I'm very tired and am still sweating a lot to this video! Let me just say that exercising under a fan on full speed is HEAVEN!

Thus far, I had 6 workouts with the "Start it Up" video, and 12 workouts with the "Ramp it Up" video. I'm predicting that I will have another 3-4 on the "Ramp it Up" (we travel Wednesday night through Thursday morning, so not sure if I will take Wednesday or Thursday as my recovery day for the week). So this Friday, will go onto "Burn it Up" for another 2.5 weeks least when I transition to "Burn it Up", if I'm really sore, I can limp around all day on Saturday and avoid doing errands :)

I was hesitant about doing this series on vacation...not sure if I would have the time, but then again, its only one hour every evening. And, we are not "party" people. We just wanted to spend time together, be casual, be active, but no bars or nightclubs or even fancy dinners for us. We have a condo here in Hawaii so we can make everything we want here. I was a bit worried that we wouldn't have the time, but its amazing how relaxing and how much one can do when they are not working and/or caring for two little munchkins :) So, I can commit to doing this an hour a day while we are here.

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