Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What is your passion?

I love problem solving, and research to me is problem-solving (really, something simply doesn't make sense to me and I need to find that missing link that will bridge one piece of knowledge to the next). I suppose that is where this blog germinated from.

I love to learn. Hey, if you cant find something on the internet...just let me know, as I am the notorious google queen (or so I've been told many many times before). Yup, I understand the google search engine pretty well.

And learning for self-fulfillment just doesn't cut it though, as I feel the need to share the knowledge. You see the theme here...this blog is for me :) Yeah, maybe I'm a little narcissistic as I did get all excited when my blog hit 1000 page views, but really, its more than just a number. I want to make a difference. Sure, I'm still trying to determine what I want to be when I grow up (I suppose that means I'm still young at heart, right?), but I know I like to guide and teach and encourage...I've found that I'm pretty good at that actually!

While I get a lot of joy out of my family and watching my kids fail and then step up and try again until they understand how to solve problems by themselves, I likewise want to give others the tools that they need to be successful.

You see how this all comes back to my blog? Funny, isn't it? I recall last year when I was humbled by gaining all the weight back that I lost early in the year (it was really only about 15 pounds and I know why I gained it, but that didn't help me accept it...I simply pushed those smaller sizes to the back of my closet and went on with life). Yet, the running has fueled this blog, and the blog fuels the running....and its all centered around health and fitness.

I suppose something last week really culminated it for me. Someone I work with has always complained about her 30 year old husband's lack of a balanced diet and lack of exercise. He's overweight, but was ok with that...and the fast food twice a day? Regardless of the about of nagging she gave him, it didn't matter. They recently were blessed with a beautiful little boy. One would think that this major life event would kick his ass into taking better care of himself....there was more talk, but there still wasn't an impetus for him to do so.

He's been complaing about vision issues for the last month...headaches, a little eye strain here and there. So, he drove to work on Monday (same way he drives every day), his boss hands him client directions (to their house, work orders, etc) and he realizes that he cannot read them...with either eye! He refuses to go to a real medical doctor, saying he just needs to see an eye doctor. She knows better, so she coerces him into an opthamoligist begrudgingly, only to be told that the doctor can see a hermorrage in his eye with her naked eye! She says that its the worst case she's ever seen (except in text books). They are immediately sent to an urgent care (again, he doesn't want to go to an ER) and his blood pressure exceeded the capability of the machine! They were sent to the ER and they read his BP at 240/180. Know this..he felt fine. Why? Because his blood pressure has been so high for so long that his body has acclimated to this level! Quite frankly, everyone at the hospital was surprised that he has yet to have a stroke! Remember...he is only 30!

Its been 5 days now that he's been in the critical care unit, and who knows when he will be moved to a "regular" room. My heart goes out to him and his family. I can only imagine the self-hatred he is going through right now simply because he knew that his life is at stake and it was due to his own failings. I so hope that they rebound from this (physically, I mean) and that he makes a determined effort to adjust his lifestyle. His father died 6 years ago today, and I know that he does not want his little boy to grow up without a dad. Fortunately, he has a wife that is well-versed in healthful living, so I know he has a good guide. I just wish I could help.

You cannot force someone to find motivation. They need to find it themselves. But, the moment they have it, you watch out for it, and delve in and help them! I suppose this is similar to the person who I mentioned awhile ago who we wanted to help do the C25K program, but I know she is simply not ready. She wants shortcuts. I simply need to watch for signs of readiness. And if you are reading this blog and have suffered through this long post, I hope you also are watching yourself for those signs of readiness. Its tough. Its sometimes telling yourself how you have failed in the past. There are no quick fixes. But this is your life we are talking about...this is your family's future. Its worth it.

So, get up and do something...anything! And if you need a penpal or any guidance whatsoever...if you need someone to remind you to get up and move....if you dont have that support at home...don't let that stop you. Let me know....let me see how I can help. Hopefully if you are reading this blog you continue to read. Hearing it and being reminded of how much our body can do is one way to keep that motivation up. If nothing else, I hope that I inspire someone. If not, I'll be content with trying :)

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