Tuesday, October 18, 2011

iBungee Laces

So, I won a raffle for donating to a "Team in Training" participant for the Tinkerbell Half! Not the grand prize, but 2nd best...needless to say, I was thrilled. There were a few things in this package and one in particular I had no interest in....the iBungee laces. Surprisingly, I received two sets of these 30" (standard length for running shoes) laces.

So, I got my prize package Saturday...and I laced my shoes up last night. Went for my first run in them during lunch today (lunch bunch run) and I really like them! Sure, I have a lot going on down there between my RoadID and my garmin footpod, but these things are neon-y fresh! I received a yellow and green pair, and I must say that they are flourescent colors...really stand out. So, put them on older shoes and all of a sudden, your shoes will look hip again!

I think my shoes are actually more comfortable now. Seriously. Why? There is even tension throughout the shoe now. And, my shoe feels more secure, and therefore, there is less heel slipping going on. Its definitely one of those little products that you don't need...but then when you try them, you really like them and may decide to stay with them for the long run. Hey, its a cheap little experiment, so maybe its worth a gander?

If interested, they are pretty cheap...but you can get free shipping with amazon's minimum here.

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