Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lunch Bunch Run

Looks like our little running group at work is growing again! We have two new runners that will be joining in the next 2 weeks. Its exciting! One hasn't run for a year or so, so she'll be trying out the C25K program this weekend to gauge where she is...she may have to start at week 1, or maybe week 3...who knows. The other, I don't even know if she runs at all, or if she is an able runner already. Either way, our group now totals 6!

Now, I still want to get the miles in, so I just have to determine how I'm going to do this if there are some runners who are in the early weeks of the training....I feel I should step back with them, or maybe we can rotate...those that have time to do 4 runs a week can take one run to do the early weeks of the program. That way, they are still getting out and giving back, but are not risking injury simply because they have a somewhat bigger base AND because the early weeks are not requiring a lot of extra exertion. Besides, I think it will encourage their pride if they can rerun Week 2 or Week 3 and realize how easy it is for them now :)

I simply cannot wait to have scheduled runs every day of the week, so people can just join when/if they are able to. Right now, we have 2-3 scheduled runs/week, and schedules/vacations/sick days all limit everyone's ability to always make those scheduled runs. But if we have critical mass to have daily runs, then everyone can chose those 2-3 days during the week that works with their individual great is that!

I do love the comaraderie that is being felt. Everyone is so encouraging of everyone else, and I love playing the role of mentor, even if I am still a newbie myself!

Most of them should be able to run 30 minutes straight by the end of November, which will really help my half marathon training also. That starts mid-November, and I need to get in at least two 5ks mid-week during the first 2 if I can get that done during lunch, I should have more time with my family at night. Besides, the weather is great this time of year!

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