Thursday, October 27, 2011

Running Coach Wannabe

I know its completely premature for me to be a formal coach, but I must say I really do enjoy helping all of these other people at work run! Its been great. Today, we had a total of 6 runners during lunch. The "club" is now a formal group at the office, and I can only imagine that it will continue to grow. I do enjoy being that positive influence on people. Its not like I'm trying to convert them to something that they don't already want, so the desire is there already, and I'm just helping them find the drive!

I was clicking around Road Runners Club of America's website and came across the Coaching Certification program that they offer. I must say it does intrigue me, so I got on their email list. The course seems to fill up rather quickly and they are not offered very often, so maybe by the time they make their way to Florida, I'll be up for it? As long as it doesn't occur during the crunch time for runnign the half marathons down here (February-April), I may just do it. Its $300, but the sense of accomplishment would be wonderful, don't you think? Its completely a personal endeavor, I know. And, I doubt I would ever generate revenue from it, but I would enjoy having that little piece of paper. In all actuality, I'm very curious to see if I'm doing things properly here at work. I know its hard to screw up a newbie and the certification really helps those develop more competitive runners, but still it would be nice to know these things. If nothing else, i can use it on myself!

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