Monday, October 24, 2011

A Battle with Pace I know that I can run 4 miles straight..I've done it before, and while its been awhile (been focusing on speed lately), I know its possible even if I have to pause a bit. But, its the shorter distances that frustrate me.

This morning, I went out too fast. I was planning a 3-mile loop at the local preserve...wonderful wide trails, eagle's nest in site, bridges, small critters, but still safely populated. Its actually my first trail (when I started C25K). I was on this same trail for a good 6 weeks before I outgrew it...but I ventured back there today. Beautiful morning, and I ran right from the car. Now, I know I can run 3 miles straight. I've been doing that off and on, but the problem is the pace! If I go out too fast, I bonk and cannot find the drive to run the entire distance. But, I want to run faster.

The problem here is finding the right pace thats still a stretch for me, yet doable so I don't bonk. My initial pace was under 9:00/mile, which is insane for me. I slowed it and finished the first mile in 9:23, which is still way too fast for me. I wish I could do that for 3 miles, but its simply not going to happen. I know that I can run 1.5 miles at that pace, but once I get over 2 miles, I slow to a tad less than 10:00. If I go for 3 miles, I can manage 10:00/mile if the stars are aligned. :)

So, no negative split for me today. Overall average pace was 10:15. But, you can see how awful my pacing was!

Avg Pace

In fact, I walked 5 times in the last mile alone! Just imagine how great my pace would have been if I could have sustained that. That being said, I wonder how much more I could have done if I was running with someone. Its simply too easy to walk when nobody is around.

On the good news, I have been getting better. My maximum cadence has been averaging 88-92spm. My average cadence has been averaging 86spm. When I first received my garmin footpod, my average cadence was 83-84spm, and my maximum was around 86spm. I just need to find a way to level it all out.

So, for a 5k run, what should be my pace to strive for, but not overstep? I'm thinking a sub 10:00/mile pace, just barely sub of course and then try to do a negative split the last mile. At least thats my plan. I have a race Thursday night and then one again Saturday morning, so maybe I'll play around with that idea then and test it out.


  1. I struggle with the same thing along with keeping my heart rate from going berzek!

  2. I ran a 5K last weekend. I just set a goal beforehand. My previous 5K time had been 8:05/mile, so this time, I planned on sticking to a 7:30-7:40/mile ish pace. Which I arbitrary chose, and just stuck to it. I thought I was going to die, but I just kept on moving and I ran faster than I thought I could. I find the 5K to be very mental.

  3. I dont seem to concern myself too much with my heart rate. Its not crazy insane, so I simply don't bother with it. Its all a mental game with me, I think. I really do think if I was running with someone, I would not have had to walk it.

    Rena, what a fabulous time! I would love to run in the mid 9min/mile pace...maybe by Spring. I just need to remind myself that I'm a new runner...haven't even been running for 6 months straight yet, so a sub 8 pace is definitely not a possibility for me yet :) But, I like to analyze and I like goals...and they help keep me motivated, so I analyze my goals :)


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