Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fit Bit Ultra

You've heard of the Body've heard of the BodyMedia Fit....but now there is another player in this field. The Fit Bit! They just recently came out with a new product, so the older model is called Fit Bit Classic, and the new model is the Fit Bit Ultra.

So, how does this differ from those other models? First and foremost, there is no monthly subscription price. While I was really intrigued by the BodyMedia Fit, I was a bit put off by them "owning" my data and that they can also sell it and sublease it to others, for commercial use. I also didn't like the fact that I needed to invest in a product and (if I only used it on occassion) would have to pay a premium to utilize the device I already purchased.

Now, Fit Bit does a lot of the things that these other products do. It does err on the low side, compared to the BodyMedia Fit, which I prefer, e.g. it estimates steps/calories less than the BodyMedia Fit.

There is also no bulging arm band. Now, for those in northern climates, this may not have been an issue when you always wear thick sweaters or long-sleeve shirts, but for us Floridians, I wear short-sleeve shirts more days than not.

This is definitely a gadget, very unnecessary. But, it does its job. Its not going to yell at you like Jillian Michaels, so you need to have some personal drive already. But, if sometimes you need that extra push, this will do it for you. You will instantly see your progress in the day, calories burned etc (unlike the other devices which you need to sync/upload first), so it will provide a little extra incentive to get moving.

All in all, this is now on my Christmas wish list....hope my hubby sees it! So, if I do get it...I will definitely provide a formal product review afterwards.

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