Monday, March 5, 2012

Disney Princess Half Marathon 2012 - Race Retreat

I did not indulge in this in 2012, but am considering it at next year's Disney race(s). Basically, for the price of $100, you get treated like running royalty...

Before the race, starting at 3am, runners are:
  • offered bagels/fruit, coffee, water and powerade.
  • a private tent allows you to snuggle in a lounge with outdoor patio seating.
  • a private padded stretching area, as well as private restrooms and bag check.

After the race, and until 10:30am. there are post-race amenties as well, inlcuding:
  • Internet access to check live results
  • Brunch with hot and cold beverages
  • Changing tents
  • Self treatment station
  • 10-minute massage for only $10.00
  • Designated location to meet friends and family (note that family and friends must have a platinum level ChEAR square package to gain entry into the race retreat tent).
In addition:
  • official merchandise is sold on-site with t-shirt no lines!
  • giveaway items
  • and in 2012, the retreaters had princess-logo'd flip flops to wear afterwards
Now, if my family were there with me, I don't think that I could justify the cost for the race retreat package + platinum ChEAR square for each ($85/person regardless of age)....this adds up FAST! But, for a girls-only weekend or even a girls-only day, this is an excellent option. There is no rush to the car via the crowded parking lot. There is time to relax and take a little nap right there while being massaged. Just the reduction of stress that morning surely adds an air of excitement to it!
All in all, the people who did purchase the Race Retreat package LOVED it and highly recommend doing it again. I'll take their word for it...and may have to find a way to squeeze this into the budget next year!

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