Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BodyMedia FIT, Body Bugg....coolest gadgets ever!

Ok, I want one of these. Remember, I love data and gadgets...and while I am certainly not obese (not anymore, at least!), I am truly interested to see what my metabolism is. The basic premise is that you wear this watch-like band on your upper arm for 23 hours....and it calculates energy expended to determine your overall metabolic requirements for a normal day. Its not based on some silly formula which only 1/3 of the population properly represents, but instead on your own body chemistry. How cool is that? And the BodyMedia FIT actually calculates energy consumed while resting/sleeping (the Body Bugg does not). Oh, just imagine the data you could acquire with this!

Now, its even useful if you are just trying to maintain...many runners will complain about a lack of energy, and with this handy tool, they may easily see that they simply are not consuming enough fuel. Food is Fuel!!! What a handy little way to remind you just how important food can be.

Now, the downfall....$150 for these things, minimum....plus you typically need to purchase a monthly online subscription at $7-10/month. Thats a tough pill to swallow if I think it will only be for occasional use! I wish someone I knew had one and I could "borrow" it for a month and pay their fees...hey, I'd even chip in for the purchase price just to "gauge" my current metabolism! And then every few months, I would just want a temporary check-up to see whats changed. They really should find a way to rent these things, like they do breast pumps to new moms or textbooks to students...that would make a killing!

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