Sunday, August 7, 2011

Loving the Elliptical Again

When I first moved to Florida (pre-kids) I purchased a Life Fitness read drive elliptical (same exact kind I loved using in the clubs). I used it a lot, especially since I wasn't accustomed to the awful summers down here....I was previously living in LA. But, when I became pregnant with my daughter, it started to gather some dust; after all, I did have morning sickness until week 22, and it was the 22 hours/day kind! Then, when I became pregnant with my son, it gathered more dust. No excuses here besides sheer exhaustion and a lack of motivation.

Being a "baby buncher" (two kids right after one another), I had my work cut out for me. I lost most of the weight right away from my first pregnancy, and then immediately found myself pregnant again just as fast! And I lost most of the weight again from my second pregnancy. The problem wasn't necessarily being pregnant. I do swear that having two children in close proximity is hard on your body, and even if you lose the weight the second time, its much harder to get your shape back! Adding to that issue, when you have children, you tend to focus more on what they are eating/learning/sleeping and put your own health second....thats exactly what happened.

But, this time I'm so focused....while my knee hasn't been kind to me as of late, I have been getting my workouts in on this dear old friend. In fact, 30 minutes is a breeze now, even though the amount of sweat I produce and the redness of my face my indicate otherwise. But, its something I can keep up if I can't run outside, and I'm content with that for now. Hopefully I can start putting in more miles on the road soon enough, as I do have a 5K race on Labor Day to start preparing for!

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