Sunday, August 21, 2011

Don't Compare...or should I?

So, I was at a party last night. And the mother of a new freshman cross-country runner was there (she's been running for about 6-8 weeks now). We are both running our first race together, just by chance. She weighs about 110 pounds, and is lean...she's got great form, from what her parents have said (per the coach), and the father expects her to finish in under 30 minutes. Well, I asked the mother earlier how well she's doing and of course, she gloated, which I expected (after all, why wouldn't she be proud). I mentioned that I wonder how I will do at the race, and she came straight old and told me to not bother competing against her daughter.

First, I know she has youth on her side....and she's carrying NO weight. I know she will be faster than me, but I honestly wanted to know how speedy she was. So, I took it to mean that I shouldn't bother as I'll never be as fast as her daughter. I took this as a slam on my ability, but then again they have never seen me run...or know how well I am determined to stick to it. I can only think she is looking in the mirror when she said that. Well, I am NOT her. I'm trying to get back into shape. I'm pushing myself harder than she ever has (at least since i've known her). I'm not overweight anymore like her (well, just a tad, but pretty healthy I think). And...why shouldn't I try to compete with her? Sure, she's 25 years younger than me. So what?

Maybe her off-hand remark wasn't meant as anything more than not to compare myself to anyone....especially the youth. But, quite honestly, it pissed me off!!! I've worked so hard since April on running. I've been consistent. I've been focused. I've educated myself on so many things that I had no knowledge of. I'm eating properly, with the right nutrition and making really good decisions most of the time. So, is it completely out of the question that I could never be as good as a young runner? Ever?

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