Thursday, August 25, 2011

ThinkThin Protein Bars

So, I've purchased a few of these and I have to say, I like them! For the most part, they are relatively decent....while I'm not a big fan of maltitol, I'm ok with these. I can pronounce all of the ingredients, and it has more whey protein than soy protein, which is a plus. It has a high protein: calorie ratio, which makes it great for its primary use. Sure, its not a meal replacement, but it does make a pretty decent snack! And even better, after an evening workout, I can munch on this and not wake up the kids (unlike anything that requires a blender).

I've tried most of the peanut butter/chocolate varieties, all of which have 20 grams of protein per 230-240 calorie bar. All in all, the only one that I would not buy again would be the white chocolate...just not the texture that I want. They are pretty dense, so if you like light and fluffy, just say no. But, if you like some serious dark chocolate taste (and are also a fan of chocolate-covered espresso beans, try the chocolate espresso bar, while the peanut butter variants are always a great choice as well.

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