Monday, August 29, 2011

Too many goals!

There are so many things that I want to try and do and fit into my schedule, but there simply isn't enough time or energy for it all. Its great that I'm so motivated and I don't want that to wane, but I also realize that I just need some downtime! I think the biggest issue is that I get up at 6:30, and after getting ready, having my shakeology breakfast, getting the kids ready/fed/dressed/teeth brushed/hair brushed/shoes on, making their lunch...well, lets just say I'm content if we get out of the door by 7:20. Its insane around our house in the morning. Sure, Joe helps...its not like I do it all, but its still stressful. By the time I drop them off at 7:30 and stay a few minutes, I'm off to work on my 45-50 minute drive. I get to work hopefully by 8:30. See? Mornings are not a time for me and my physical fitness routine!

So, that leaves evenings. I get home before 6pm, make dinner, let the kids play (so I have a little bit of decompression time while Joe cleans the kitchen, which usually ends up being on the computer, checking email/FB and reviewing the mail)...busy still! Then, its time for my exercise routine, if Joe's current routine doesn't interfere with that. Before you know it, he'll be playing baseball every Wednesday night and playing basketball every Tuesday night....he's also been running a bit throughout the week until his shoulder is fully recovered for his normal routines, so I don't want to interfere with that. But DANG, its a lot to balance. And...the kids will start soccer soon, and Ella may play t-ball this Fall....and the school has a ton of events in the Fall. We have a few trips planned, and I have a few runs planned. Yes, life is BUSY!

So, how do I fit in my goals...which ones should take precedence? How do you prioritize them? I want to continue with my training routine (remember, that every week of Hal Higdon's half marathon training plan = a month for me)...but I also want to do Hip Hop Abs (borrowed the DVDs from a friend), Slim in 6, and maybe try something more challenging like P90X or something. I also want to increase my fitness, via the above, finish the Shakeology 14-day challenge (one week down, one week to go), and lose 20 pounds before ready to get rid of all of this weight! But, how much is too much?

Quite do you balance life? I simply don't know the answers to this. I suppose time will tell. I can't be supermom after all, and I can only try to use my time efficiently, while still giving my children (and husband) the time and support that they need. Sure, my needs will come last after them...but they will come way ahead of all the other things going on in my life. They have to, right?

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