Friday, August 12, 2011

Shakeology Plans & Weight Goals

So, I ordered the chocolate shakeology goods...along with some protein powder. I've had a lot going on in the last several months related to my weight. I decided months ago that the baby weight had to go....I had gained so much just trying to get pregnant (and keep it), and then I gained more when I was all stressed out keeping the kids in check! I always put my health and eating habits last, and it did eventually catch up with me. I had that "a ha" moment more than once...the first time, I did lose about 15 lbs, but eventually gained it was a temporary diet/fitness kick. This "a ha" moment has held momentum and has really created healthy habits that i think I can continue for a lifetime, or so I hope (as long as my knee holds up). But, maybe, just maybe, if I continue to lose weight, my knee will no longer be an issue with running? That, and the fact that each month of pounding pavement is simply making my bones stronger...yes, I'm on the right path!

I did a full round of HcG, I finished C25k, I started B210K, I did almost 7 weeks of doctor-supervised weight loss, I'm doing a mini round of HcG now....and I'm still running 3 times/week, doing strength training twice/week and elliptical twice/week. If I keep this up, I should be toned, right? Well, I've seen my body make miraculous changes in the last few months (I've lost an estimated 35 pounds, and its estimated because I didn't own a scale early on as its nicely kept me in the dark!), but I'm not where I want to be yet.

So, where do I want to be? I want to be right around a BMI of 22. That puts me around 130-135 lbs. of course, I would be pleased just to be in the "healthy" or "average" range, but to get there I still have to drop another 11 lbs (to get to 145). I just keep reminding myself of where I was and where I want to be, and I have to find the incentive to continue.

For me, this incentive and continued interest has come as a result of mixing things up...I kept on changing my approach/methodology to the weight loss effort. I've repeated things here and there, but have sustained variety in the approach so I don't feel too bored with an approach, and I've gone intense on a few, and then took healthy breaks for my body to stabilize. This has helped tremendously. While not all the methods I've used are acceptable to some, I feel that I've made good cost/benefit decisions and have gone into it with eyes wide open. Diabetes is looming in my family now, and I don't want to be a member of that club!

My ultimate goal is to get to 135 around Christmas. I want to be raring to go for the 10K and Half Marathon races early next year, and if I settle up a bit more than 135, I'm ok with that...I'm not targeting a number, but rather a middle "healthy" range....and if I do have to buy an entire new wardrobe, I suppose I'll just have to indure that pain :)

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