Saturday, August 6, 2011

Product Review: PB2

Ok, this stuff is great! Ever hear of it? Basically, its peanut butter that has been allowed to separate from the natural oil, the oil is sold as peanut oil (duh), but then its dehydrated until its a powder. So, you basically have all the benefits of peanut butter with no fat! Each serving is about 5 grams of protein for less than 45 calories (that ratio is one of the best out there), so peanut butter is now a fantabulous source of protein!

Bell Plantation has a standard peanut butter powder, but also sell a chocolate peanut butter powder. I've tried both mixed in with my chocolate protein powder and love the variety that they offer!

Now, the S&H is quite high for a small order, so if you are interested by a "4 1-lb pack" or something more and split it with others...makes the overall cost much more manageable!

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  1. Update: I purchased 8 bags and split them with 3-4 people. Now, I'm out and I've been using these almost every day in my shakeology shake. Love the fact that the taste it great, and that it supplements my chocolate shake perfectly without the added unnecessary fat. The protein:calorie ratio exceeds my expectations. I even gave a bag to a friend and she said it was "absolutely devine" ....she purchased it for the sole intention of having her daughter (who has just started cross-country add it to her smoothie), but she has yet to share it with her!


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