Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How short is too short for men's running shorts?

I completely stole this from someone on Daily Mile (so I cannot take the credit), but I loved the logic in this one!

The length of the leg should match your running pace. i.e. 10min/mi- go for the long 10" shorts. 9min/mi, 9" shorts. 8min/mi- 8" shorts. etc. The faster you run- the more appropriate the shorter leg length.

Really makes sense to runners feel insecure showing so much more skin, so they go for longer apparel (I did at first as well...stuck to capris even though it was damn hot!). Now, the more serious you are, you tend to be less concerned with what non-runners think of your apparel, so you are more willing to flaunt your lack of modesty since it suits your sport and go with the shorter shorts that simply make running more comfortable.


  1. Haha I run a 5 minute mile and I still don't look good in short shorts with huge thighs. I try my hardest to find 9" inseam shorts. If you get the right kind, weight of the fabric really isn't an issue anyways!

  2. Well, there are always exceptions :) I started running in black capris in Florida I know how insane it is to try to cover up skin when trying to be healthy and exercise. I finally gave up and so much prefer the running skirts...I still feel a tad bare in them, but I simply don't care as much anymore because they work for me!


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