Monday, August 8, 2011

Countdown until Busy Schedules!

So, Joe is doing well with rehab. He currently has 82% mobility, and started tossing "towel" he's targeting 2.5 months until he is back pitching baseball and/or playing basketball (honestly, he will be doing both so Tuesday/Wednesday nights will be dedicated to his exercise). I need to find the mental toughness to get as much done (eg build my foundation) as much as possible in this next several weeks.

But, the mental edge is missing right now. I've been doing a lot more elliptical (as you've read) because of my knee discomfort. And, I've determined to alter my training schedule through the week and only run a longer run once/week on Sundays (so Sunday will technically be B210K W4D2 for me), so in 8 weeks, I will supposedly be up to a 10k distance (or at least a 60 minute length). But I just want to do so much more.

I shouldn't beat myself up for it, but I know I can do more than I have been how do I make it all work? I'm still determined to go by this schedule:

Monday - rest day/strength training (with free weights at home)
Tuesday - 5k run
Wednesday - 20 minute run (or 20 minutes elliptical)
Thursday - 5k run
Friday - rest day/strength training (with free weights at home)
Saturday - 45 minutes cardio (60 minutes elliptical)
Sunday - long run (B210K W4D2 is next for me)

So, I just need to stick to the schedule, right? Honestly, its that long run that intimidates me. Maybe because the last few B210K sessions have been so difficult? I just can't break this week 4 hump, but then again, how much is my brain giving me the "knee" excuse? Is it mental or really physical (and the minor physical is justifying the big delay in my brain)? Or, is this horrid summer weather in Florida just getting to me?

Whatever the reason, I need to find a way to push the negatives out and focus on the small goal at a time.

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