Monday, August 22, 2011

Shakeology 14-Day Challenge - Day 1

So, today we commence the 14-day program....hopefully it will prove to kick start my metabolism. I've ordered the shakeology and have my supply waiting for me in the kitchen. I've decided to focus on having it for breakfast every day, as its just easier with a blender here at home. Today, I used 16 ounces of water, the chocolate shakeology with a server of PB2 and a banana....blended it, then used the margaritaville maker to add some shredded ice to it...

so maybe 3 cups of water total (ice + plain water). It was the right consistency for me. I can taste the greens in the shake, so if you think you are adverse to greens and the chocolate will cover it up 100%, this may not be the thing for you. That being said, while I could taste them, they were not unpleasant by any means...just a tad strong.

Hope has provided the exercise for today...30 minutes of cardio. Since my husband is out of town, I'll have to stick the elliptical at home tonight....unless anyone wants to fly to Florida to babysit! :) I think tomorrow is upper/core workout for strength training, but she hasn't implied any specific exercises for that yet.

I'm interested to see how varied the exercises are (most of the challengers on her team are runners, after all, so cardio will be easy for most of us to get in). I'm definitely interested to see how I can manage both her work and my existing routine....I hope I can continue to do both!

Regardless, I'll update the blog next weekend regarding the challenge....and then again when its complete. Maybe I'll even share some of my personal stats :)

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