Monday, August 1, 2011

Free Weights...Who Knew They Did Something?

So, I was considering some light weight lifting for days when I wasn't doing anything know, something to keep me busy while the kids watch a show in the evening or when Joe puts them to bed. Just so happens I went to my stylist and picked up a Prevention mag of all things and they have this simple progressive 3-step free weight routine for toning. I definitely wanted to stick to free weights simply because I didn't want to leave the house! After all, I'm focusing on 10-15 minutes of toning...nothing more and commuting to a gym to do this is just a ridiculous waste of my time. But, if I was to be completely honest, I never really thought that they did anything...thats why you go to a gym and use these serious pieces of equipment, right? Turns out that they do alot, and the expensive equipment is expense because it takes up space, looks impressive and forces one to have good form. Of course, that last little benefit is nice, but hey, I can't afford the space or the money for equipment!

So, I grab some free weights that Joe has lying around...he has two sets, so he won't miss it :) And remember, he's still an invalid with his shoulder anyways! Of course, I didn't even know how heavy they were! I have done the first 'week' for the last 1-2 months, and its pretty significant...In fact, each following day, I always feel my muscles asking for help, so its definitely doing something....maybe because I discovered that the weights were 3 kilograms each?!?!? Well, when I glanced at them, I really just assumed that was pounds....did you know that 3 kilograms is about 7 pounds!

Basically, its a little circuit training with the free weights. First lunges, bent arm row, then push-ups, then shoulder press, bicup curls, squats and tricep kickback. Lunges kill me (I suppose they should if you do them properly and deep enough)...and then the shoulder press wears me out, but everything else is fine. I do 10 reps of each in the order above, then 3 sets. So far, so good.

Want to know the biggest surprise??? I actually feel definition in my upper arms! Wow...didn't even know my tricep really existed!

So, I think I finally realized why it took me so long to master these...its the darn weight that I was using! But, I can confidently do three sets I'll be moving on to "week 2" next. Fortunately, there are less exercises with week 2, but most of them combine movements, eg starting out with a lunge and while you are lunging, you do an arm curl. Or, you start with a squat and finish with a shoulder press. We'll see how that goes. I'll continue to do these at least twice a week (maybe on my "rest" days) and see when I feel I can move up to "week 3" which combines week 2 with balance exercises.

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