Saturday, August 13, 2011

Road ID/Shoe ID - Product Review

What can I say...I simply feel safer with this thing on my shoe. I purchased the Shoe ID, and I'm glad I did. Sure, its $20, and sure you will be lucky to find any discount code for more than $1 off, but its a basic essential in my book. I don't even know its on my shoe. There is no bounce, no jiggling, no weight. Also, RoadID gives a lot of good advice on what to include on your item, so I included:

  • Full First, Middle and Last name (given, not nickname) - It is easier for emergency personnel to locate vital medical history if they have your given name. If you have a nickname, include that in quotes.

  • City, State, and Country (zip codes are not necessary, as medical personnel will not need to know how to mail you a letter.

  • Food/Drug Allergies should be included. Use the medically-accepted abbreviations that RoadID lists. If you have none, list "NKA" for "no known allergies" or "NKDA" for "no known drug allergies"

  • Blood Type/Organ Donor/DOB can also be included

  • You can also include insurance information, that just means you would have to purchase another tag when your company willy nilly changes your plans...something to consider
All in all, the guidance is good...and it does give a certain piece of mind, especially if you do not run with a phone (with a ton of contacts at their fingertips).

1 comment:

  1. I definitely always try to run with my RoadID. I don't notice any weight/discomfort with it, either!

    P.S. Thanks for the Twitter follow!


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