Thursday, August 11, 2011

So Many Races Committed To...I Should be committed!

Remember, I'm a new runner...just started in March, and I've committed to over half of the races you see on this blog! That means that half have been paid for! Some of them simply are not open for registration yet.

So, why so many.....I suppose I know myself pretty well. If I don't have a strong goal and haven't blatantly told everyone, the goal will just sink into oblivion. So, I threw down money once race at a time and spaced them all out so I have something to strive for. Now, all of them are pretty short for 2011, but for 2012...well, that was a different issue entirely.

Seems like all the BIG races are in the winter down here in sunny florida, which makes sense for the tourists. Sure, there is the Women's Running 5k/Half in November, but I simply will not be ready for that one. So, that will be a 5K and I'll really enjoy the experience. And there are a lot of other 5K-5Miilers between now and the end of the year...I'm hoping to continue to get into shape for those and work on my speed. Then, starting with a 10K in January, I should be primed to work on my distance....gotta do that for the half marathons that I wanted to do...

For 2012:

  • January's St Pete Beach 10k race seemed like a perfect opportunity to ensure that I had a decent pace for a longer than 5k distance.

  • could I say no to an inaugural Rock n Roll race right here in my city?

  • February...the Princess race is what started it all. I think this will simply be FUN

  • March...Gasparilla is all about pirates, and my son's eyes went WILD when he saw the ad for this run, so how I could I disappoint?

  • March...Sarasota is like 5 miles away...again, a local race that is absolutely beautiful?

  • April...Irongirl 1/2...well this was sort of thrust onto me, a dare might you say...but I will definitely be ready for it. I just hope my teammate (who dared me, for pure self-indulgent pleasure of forcing herself to get into shape) holds to the bargain.
So, one could say this is all crazy....and if I have to drop out of one, so be it. But, I'm hoping that I will be really well conditioned to do them all by then. Afterall, it is several months away!

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